Bodh Gaya, Gaya and Bakraur

Yesterday I was picked up early by my two new friends, Sagar and Gautam on their motorbike to give me a tour of the rural side of Bodh Gaya. We rode out and visited some of the more remote pilgrimage sites of Buddha, in particular the tree where he broke his fast before deciding on the middle way, the water well where he meditated for 6 days, and Sujata Garh; the large brick stupa built to commemorate the residence of the maiden who offered milk rice to Lord Buddha. We then visited a few ancient Hindu temples before driving to Bakraur, a very small farming community. The morning farmers market was going on in the main street of town, and truck loads of produce were being bought and sold by locals.

Later in the afternoon I was to catch my flight back to Dehli to make a connection to Dharamsala, so we all had a farewell meal in downtown Bodh Gaya. It was delicious, and came with sweet sorrow as I had to say Fir Milenge “See you later.” The guys surprised me with some very dear parting gifts before a took a tuk tuk to the Gaya airport.¬† Bodhgaya will always have a very fond memory for me, it is a very old town with a rich history, and has not changed much in the rural areas. It is such a contrast to a big city like Delhi.




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