Bodh Gaya: exploring the local scene

Yesterday I visited the 80 foot statue of Buddha, various temples and explored some of the streets around the area. I met a couple local chaps who offered to give me a ride around the streets on their motorbike. I was able to visit some of the remote, inner neighborhoods that aren’t easily found or seen from the street. Tomorrow they are going to meet me again after I visit the Mahabodhi Temple and the Bodhi tree where Gautama Buddha was enlightened.  I finished the day with a delicious freshly made meal and a chai outside the hotel. Here is a slide show of some of the scenes I took in.

bodh gaya road garbageman closeup (1 of 1)bodh gaya schoolkids at roof (1 of 1)bodh gaya milk delivery 50 1 k (1 of 1)bodh gaya monk with begging bowl (1 of 1)bodh gaya giant buddha (1 of 1)bodh gaya family on bike (1 of 1)bodh gaya boy school children (1 of 1)img_1144img_1142img_1137bodh gaya two school boys (1 of 1)bodh gaya small child (1 of 1)

bodh gaya brothers (1 of 1)bodh gaya buddha statue (1 of 1)bodh gaya buddhist sign (1 of 1)bodh gaya mother and child (1 of 1)bodh gaya old house (1 of 1)bodh gaya prayer scarves (1 of 1)bodh gaya road garbage (1 of 1)bodh gaya schoolkids at window2 (1 of 1)bodh gaya village girl (1 of 1)bodh gaya two school boys (1 of 1)img_1120bodh gaya school group (1 of 1)img_1140bodh gaya school boys in truck (1 of 1)









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