A last walking tour of Prayagraj, then homeward bound! Prayagraj to Varanasi, then to Dehli and Back to you. S. A.

Last night after returning to camp, I rested a bit and went back out for one last photo shoot. The night was cool and the sun was just beginning to think about going down. I met some wonderful families in the various campsites and along the roadside. I stopped for a chai at a stand along the road and chatted with some locals. I told them all that I was shooting “Faces of India” and they were all very amicable in letting me shoot them. That night I went to bed early to get up for breakfast to head out on the road: Varanasi airport, then a short flight to Delhi and another 20 hours to return to the USA.

Last night I was treated to an amazing goodbye dance by some of the workers at the camp, and a great send off this morning after breakfast.

The ride from Prayagraj this morning was very colorful and interesting, stopping for a chai and lots of photo ops!

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