In the Kutra Ahulwalia of Amritsar

Yesterday before taking a flight to Delhi we walked around in the Kutra Ahulwalia “Old City” of Amritsar. The architecture is so amazing to me. Ancient buildings in narrow alleyways have remained as they now stand for thousands of years. Some are crumbling, some have been repurposed for new uses. Most all of the buildings here function as some sort of service or manufacturing on the main floors, and the upper floors serve as living quarters. The main level spaces draw solid rental prices, but the upper floors, even though they are in the desirable area close to the Golden Temple have very weak rents and occupancy as the alleyways are far to narrow for any traffic. In the case of an emergency or fire, there would be no access for quite a distance. Only rickshaws and bikes are allowed in these alleyways. And even at that, it is quite difficult to navigate (even on foot.)

Here are some photos that I shot while walking these alleyway. In the early evening I arrived in Delhi after a short 1 hour flight.

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One thought on “In the Kutra Ahulwalia of Amritsar

  1. Hi. Sunny today after hours of snow yesterday and the record breaking wind chill. When you come back I would like to hear more about Buddhism. I will be gone from Feb 10 to about March 1/ to CO and TX. You look great in the pictures. Stay safe. Judy

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